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How to solve Tinder's verification and SMS error?

How to receive the tinder verification code?

If you are reading this post surely, you are in serious trouble and you need to immediately solve it in a few steps without giving too many laps. So pay attention that I will tell you how you get out of this!

The first thing you should check is to be using the latest version of Tinder and therefore test your phone number correctly before going crazy, once this is verified, you could…


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Do you want to have a social life on Tinder desktop without everyone you know on Facebook knowing about it?

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Tinder is a dating and socialization application, which uses your Facebook account and profile information . If you are looking to unlink these 2 applications, then it is not possible, YET! However, there are 2 very effective ways to prevent your friends and family from knowing that you are using this application.

Enter here To Create a Tinder account without Facebook or Phone


If you are too paranoid to…


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How to Reset my Tinder 2019 account.

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The question we should ask ourselves would be if we really need to delete and restore all the data or information from our current Tinder account and create a new one. Do I re-create my Tinder account? Well, if this is what I want, there will be no other option than to abstain…


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Why can not I see new profiles in Tinder?

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At the beginning of the creation of my profile in Tinder, it seemed common to me or it did not catch my attention not to see new people in my common places, since at that time I did not go out too much, or I did not frequent other provinces, so I was in this same crossroads every weekend where my work ended Friday afternoon and the night seemed to be just one more Monday in the morning! At that time I did not live in Buenos Aires like now and of course finding…


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Tinder Select 2019 TIPS To upgrade your Account for free

Tinder Select 2019 TIPS To stand out  your Account .

Love on the first swipe? That is almost impossible. Before you know it you are hundreds of swipes on before you have found an interesting…


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Waking In Heaven

Dante and Beatrice gaze upon the highest Heaven » by Gustave Doré)

« Waking In Heaven » is a short instrumental about learning to trust life and allowing it to do its thing so we can end up where we belong, healed, hopeful, happy, and in love with… Continue

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Tj and the work he does..

Hello to every member of this site..what am am about to tell you…you probably already know.

I had all sought's of problems with my site some time ago, my code was upside down back the front cut and missing script tags here and there…this was a real mess..I scratched my head for a little while and pondered to myself what i could do…that was easy "make things a lot worse" along the way i found this great website and a chap named…


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